LIA-410 - Electro-Optical Products Lock-in Amplifiers

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Dynamic Reserve
60 dB

Min. Time Constant
100 usec

Max. Time Constant
100 usec

Extra Specifications
Single Phase Lock-In Amplifiers

Product Description

The LIA-410 single phase lock-in amplifier is a general purpose benchtop instrument. The INPUT SIGNAL CHANNEL amplifies the input signal to a level suitable for the demodulator. The input circuit can accept a differential or single-ended input, via the front panel signal BNC. Jumper options within the unit allow a high impedance differential input, a low impedance (100 ohm) differential input, or to be connected to ground for single-ended operation, via the front panel BNC. The input channel can be either AC or DC coupled via internal jumper selection. It is recommended that the unit is used in DC coupled mode for improved noise performance. In this mode, up to +/-10V of DC offset is allowed before saturation for gain setting from 1V to 300uV. A +/-1V of DC offset is allowed for gain setting from 100uV to 10uV; and +/-300mV of DC offset is allowed for the gain setting of 3uV.Features:Single phase operation Differential or single-ended input Gain setting from 3uV to 1V High performance, low noise, wide bandwidth input gain stage Analog meter for display of output signal Offset controls Output time constants from 100us to 30s 1F and 2F reference signal operation 90_ step and fine phase control