LIA-MV-150-S - FEMTO Lock-in Amplifiers

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit

Dynamic Reserve
50 dB max

Min. Time Constant
3 msec

Max. Time Constant
3 msec

Extra Specifications
Lock-In-Amplifier Module

Product Description

Compact Module In modern optoelectronic systems, lock-in-amplifying is one of the most useful techniques to get rid of unwanted noise and improve measurement sensitivity. Therefore we have created a miniaturized, powerful module operating reliably even in heavy noise environments. Two Ways of Programming The amplifier settings - e.g. phase, gain, time constant - are controlled either by switches directly on the amplifier module or externally using standard I/O computer boards. The variable working frequency is determined by an external reference signal, which may be the synchronisation signal of a chopper wheel or the modulation signal of a laser. The current input is well suited to amplifying signals from high impedance sources.