16702B - Keysight / Agilent Logic Analyzers

16702B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Logic Analysis System

Product Description

The Agilent 16702B logic analysis system combines a touch screen with a windowed interface. The large 12.1 inch flat panel display provides quick and easy access to logic analysis functions and displays, as well as simultaneous views of system activity. The large display shows more waveforms or states at once. A Wide Variety of Modules Offers Measurement Flexibility! Customize a logic analysis system that meets your specific measurement needs with Measurement Modules Features: Dedicated hot keys give instant access to the more frequently used displays, including waveform, listing, analog, mixed display, setup, system, help, and file manager windows. Front panel knobs provide a quick and intuitive way to change vertical and horizontal scaling, move markers, scroll through data or waveforms, or change the value of variables. Simply pointing at the touch screen and/or turning a knob completes most measurement setups and interactions. The 16702B''''''''''s power, flexibility, and ease-of-use will help you quickly solve difficult design and integration problems. A mouse and keyboard are included standard. Built-in 800 x 600 touch screen 5 measurement module slots: Measurement Modules 1 slot for emulation module or Multiframe module 18 GB disk drive Built-in 40x CD-ROM drive 10/100 BaseT LAN auto-sensing 128 MB system RAM, upgradeable to 256 MB with Option 003