54620A - Keysight / Agilent Logic Analyzers

54620A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

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Extra Specifications
16 Channel Logic Analyzer

Product Description

The Agilent 54620A logic analyzer looks, feels and runs like a scope because you told us to design it that way. We built the Agilent 54620A on a scope platform with a familiar front panel and a fast, responsive display. Now you can stop trying to troubleshoot complex digital circuits with your scope -- and you won'''''t have to get a graduate degree in logic analysis. Features 16 timing channels Maximum sample rate: 500 MSa/s 3.5 ns Glitch Capture Autoscale instantly shows you all active signals, scaled for easy viewing Triggering modes: edge, pattern and advanced (including duration times and sequences) Trigger on all input lines and external trigger Automated measurements of frequency, period, duty cycle, ± width, delay, and setup and hold time.