Logic-16 - Janatek Logic Analyzers

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Technical Specifications

Max. Channels Number

Max. State Speed

Max. Timing Speed

Extra Specifications
A logic analyzer with an integrated pattern generator

Product Description

The La-Logic-16  is a  sophisticated  PC-based  logic analyzer.  It captures at a maximum of 200Mhz on its 16 channels simultaneously  into its deep 1M samples/channel buffer.

It can also operate as a 16-channel pattern generator.
It connects to the PC via the USB-port  and does not require any external power.
The package is complete with all accessories  included  to start debugging immediately.

  • 200 MHz sampling rate
  • 16 Channels
  • A huge 1Mb sampling buffer depth per channel
  • An integrated 16 Channel pattern generator
  • Flexible trigger options
  • External clock input
  • Extended capture time
  • Variable input threshold
  • Variable pre-/post trigger buffer sizes
  • Digital logger capabilities
  • CE qualified
  • The unit connects to your PC via USB-2 connection
  • Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista32
  • 2 Year guarantee