PA4032A - SofTec Microsystems Logic Analyzers

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Technical Specifications

Max. Channels Number

Max. State Speed

Max. Timing Speed

Extra Specifications
PC based Logic Analyzer with 40 MSa/s, 32 Channels, 512 KB and Advanced Trigger Options

Product Description

PA40 Series Logic State Analyzers, in combination with a standard personal computer, provide a full-featured, high-performance tool for the troubleshooting and performance verification of digital circuits.

  • 40 MSa/s
  • 32 Channels 
  • 128K Samples per Channel 
  • Timing/State Mode
  • Bus Grouping
  • Advanced Triggers 
  • Glitch Detection 
  • Serial Analysis (RS-232, SPI, I2C-Bus) 
  • Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP User Interface