LAP-322000U-A - ZeroPlus Logic Analyzers

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Technical Specifications

Max. Channels Number

Max. State Speed

Max. Timing Speed

Extra Specifications
Logic Analyzer

Product Description

  • Sample rate (Internal clock): 200 MHz asynchronous operation
  • Sample rate (External clock): 100 MHz synchronous operation
  • Memory Depth (per channel): 2 Mbits
  • Channels: 32 CH
  • Upgrade Oscilloscope to measure and decode I2C / UART
    (RS232C & RS485) / SPI Protocols and mixed signals
  • Glitch Capture Capability: 5 ns
  • Bandwidth: 75 MHz
  • Data decoding formats: Binary / Decimal / Hexadecimal / ASCII
  • Export data: Export to TXT or CSV files for processing
  • Compression rate: up to 255:1 depending on activity
  • Power: USB-powered- ideal for PC and laptops
  • Customizable interface 
  • Trigger conditions: Flexible signal trigger options (rising edge, falling edge, either edge, high and low)
  • Selectable trigger position: Between 100% pre-trigger and 100% post trigger plus up to 16.7 million clocks of post-trigger delay
  • Enable function
  • Statistics function
  • Easy-to-use Windows application
  • Timing/State/Single-processor / Bus/Real-time instruction trace analysis
  • Software updates available from ZEROPLUS website
  • Certificates: CE , FCC , WEEE , RoHS