SL1400 - Yokogawa Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

SL1400 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


Scope Channels

Digital Channels

Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
ScopeCorder LITE

Product Description

The new SL1400 ScopeCorder LITE is a plug-in module type chart recorder with a large built-in A4 sized high resolution thermal printer.
The new SL1400 provides more simplified and intuitive easy-to-use operation.

  • High sample rate: 10 MS/s
  • Data record Period: 100 μs to 30 days 
  • A perfect fit for manufacturing and maintenance departments 
  • Intuitive key names and menus for easy operation 
  • Easily store data both on paper and in external memory media 
  • Record data to USB or PC card devices or directly to the optional HDD 
  • Up to 16 analog +16 logic inputs