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Bode 100 Bode-100 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end freq limit

Instrument Type
Vector, S-Parameter

Extra Specifications
Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer System. New in box. Manufacturers Warranty. BRL Test is your authorized Bode 100 dealer.

Product Description

Omicron Lab Bode 100

The multifunctional Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer system is comprised of a flexible hardware design and the Bode Analyzer Suite for Windows™. Because of its outstanding price-performance ratio the system is ideal for industrial applications as well as research and educational labs.

The Bode 100 is a vector network analyzer, gain phase meter, impedance meter, and sine wave generator, all in one compact, cost effective test set.

  • The frequency range 1 Hz - 40 MHz is ideal for LF, audio, video and RF application
  • The accuracy makes it perfect for R&D labs, manufacturing and training
  • The compact lightweight design is perfect for service and maintenance purposes
  • The automation interface fits the needs of production fields
  • The price / performance value benefits professionals such as engineers, scientists and teachers engaged in the field of electronics
  • With the Bode 100, you can measure
    • complex gain of amplifiers and filters
    • influence of termination on amplifiers or filters
    • complex impedance and admittance
    • reflection coefficient and return loss
    • frequency dependent impedance of high-Q circuits like oscillating crystals
    • reflection of a circuit, and display in a Smith chart and/or reflection of antennas and display in VSWR format
    • swept S-parameters of electronic circuits (filters, amplifiers, bipolar transistors)
    • Bode plots of control circuits
    • group delay characteristics of your DUT
    • stability analysis of open loops (Nyquist criterion)

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