NG1502 - Sencore Noise Generators

NG1502 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Max.

Max. Power Density

Extra Specifications
A portable broadband RF noise source that turns a spectrum analyzer into an RF sweep analyzer.

Product Description

  • Flat, broadband RF noise source ranging from 5 MHz to 2,150 MHz
  • Inspect the frequency response characteristics of an RF system (CATV, MATV, telemetry etc.) 
  • Analyze the frequency response of RF amps 
  • Align RF band-pass filters and notch traps 
  • Identify the high frequency band-pass limitation of an RF system 
  • Analyze the RF frequency response characteristics of cables and transmission lines
  • Teams with the Sencore SA1454 and SLM1456 for frequency response testing of RF systems, components, and cable
  • Portable and battery operated for field testing applications
  • Comes complete with battery pack, carrying case, connectors, adapters, and cables