4100 - dBm Optics Optical Power Meters

4100 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1700 nm

Measurement Units
dBm, Watt

Extra Specifications
Optical Power Meter

Product Description

The Model 4100 Optical Power Meter offers an unparalleled combination of speed, accuracy, repeatability, ease of use, and low cost.

The Model 4100 combines 100000 rps optical power meter modules with a powerful processor that can handle the measurement speed. With two channels, each channel still measures at 100000 rps.

The Model 4100 with Option 202 measures from +10 dBm to -95 dBm for a full dynamic range of 105 dB.

Even more important than full dynamic range is the range which can be achieved while making a measurement without stopping to change range. Most meters take ~20 ms to change range. The Model 4100 has a large dynamic range of >65 dB at full speed in most cases eliminating the need to change range.

The Model 4100 with Option 202 utilizes a unique patented technology to achieve < 0.0015 dB polarization dependency of measurement. This allows for error-free measurement, even with highly polarized light.

Repeatability is a major obstacle in obtaining consistent results in the lab and in eliminating discrepant materials in production. The Model 4100 provides repeatability of 0.005 dB even with widely varying launch conditions.

The 4 x 6 VGA color display makes it easy to understand and analyze measurements directly on the Model 4100 without the need to export to a PC. Trends, drifts, noise, and perturbations are all clearly indicated on the graphical display. The wide viewing angle makes results visible from anywhere in the lab.

The removable USB flash memory drive makes transferring data to Excel or other analysis software very simple. Built-in Ethernet and GPIB communications make remote data retrieval simple: Connect to a network and retrieve the data from a desktop or from a remote location over a VPN.

  • High speed measurement: 0-100,000 rps
  • >100 dB total dynamic range, >65 dB dynamic range at full speed
  • <0.0015 dB polarization dependency
  • <0.005 dB total connection variation
  • Large color display makes data visualization and analysis simple
  • Communicate over GPIB or Ethernet
  • Exchange data using a USB flash drive
  • 1 or 2 channels
  • System can be upgraded with additional capabilities (such as polarization control, attenuation, shutter)
  • Full 4-year warranty