5881 - Picosecond Pulse Labs Amplifiers

5881 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range - High

Output - Compression
+12 dBm at less than 25 GHz


Extra Specifications
Broadband Amplifier

Product Description

Picosecond Pulse Labs Model 5881 40Gb/s Broadband Amplifier is intended for use in optical receivers or for driving electro-absorption modulators. It is extremely broadband, covering over 6 decades from 25 kHz to 43 GHz. It includes internal reverse voltage protection, power supply regulation and sequencing circuitry, making it insensitive to power supply voltage variation and application sequence.

  • 20 kHz - 43 GHz Bandwidth
  • 8 ps Risetime
  • 2.7 V Eye Amplitude
  • 8.5 dB Gain
  • 2.4 mm Connectors