X9-3 - Gigahertz Optik Optical Power Meters

X9-3 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


High end wavelength limit
1100 nm

Measurement Units
Watt, Watt/cm2

Extra Specifications
Radiometer for Laser Power and Laser Stray-Light Measurements

Product Description

  • Economical Hand-held Single Channel Laser Power Meter
  • Laser Power up to 100 mW
  • 7 mm diameter Flat-field Detector 400 to 1100 nm: LP-9901
  • Integrating Sphere Detector 400 to 1100 nm: LP-9910
  • CW Snapshot Hold Function
  • Peak Hold Function
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Economical Price
  • Battery Operation
  • RS232 Interface Option