X9-7 - Gigahertz Optik Optical Power Meters

X9-7 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


High end wavelength limit
1000 nm

Measurement Units

Extra Specifications
Hand-held Radiometer for Irradiance Measurements

Product Description

For end-users whose application requires just one detector head and does not need multimeter level functional ability in their optometer, the X97 Irradiance Meter is an economical alternative. Besides its precise measurement capability the X97 meter’s most outstanding feature is its easy handling. To measure, the user simply connects the detector head and switches on the meter. The LCD characters are 9 mm high for easy viewing. The X97 is a compact handheld battery operated instrument.

  • Hand-held Single Channel Irradiance Meter
  • Wide Range of UV-VIS-NIR Polychromatic Irradiance Detector Heads
  • Measurement of DC and AC Signals
  • Peak Value Hold Function
  • Signal Range from 0.1 pA to 200 microA with 7 Gain Ranges
  • Automatic or Manual Gain Range selection
  • Easy to use
  • Offset Compensation
  • Compact Size
  • Battery Operation
  • RS232 Interface