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LaserStar Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


High end wavelength limit

Measurement Units
J, Watt

Extra Specifications
LaserStar Laser Power / Energy Meter Display

Product Description

The LaserStar is a microprocessor based display that is menu driven with window based software. 

The dual channel model enables user to simply plug in any of the Ophir thermal, pyroelectric, photodiode, or RP heads and measure two channels independently, or the ratio or difference between them in real time.
Up to 10 data files (54,000 points total) can be stored for onboard review or downloading to computer even if Laserstar has been switched off. The built-in RS232 interface and StarCom PC software allow on-line processing of data or processing previously stored data; results are displayed graphically on a PC.

  • Single and dual channel models
  • Compatible with all Ophir thermopile, pyroelectric and photodiode detectors
  • Large LCD display
  • Backlighting & rechargeable battery
  • Screen graphics and statistics (std div. min, max)
  • Analog output
  • Built in RS232 interface. Works with the Ophir StarCom32 application
  • GPIB option
  • Log every data point at >1500 Hz with pyroelectric heads
  • Non-volatile data storage up to 50,000 points
  • Laser tuning screen and power log
  • Audio sound for laser tuning and low battery
  • Complete LabVIEW interface