FPM-250 - Terahertz Technologies Optical Power Meters

FPM-250 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1550 nm

Measurement Units
dB, dBm

Extra Specifications
Shirt-Pocket Fiber Power Meters

Product Description

The "Shirt-Pocket" size FPM-250 incorporates a large area Indium Gallium Arsenide detector which provides much improved temperature stability at 1550 nm compared with the Germanium detectors used in many conventional instruments. This detector is able to deliver 15 to 20 dB greater sensitivity at the low end and better linearity at intermediate power levels. For higher power optical measurements such as those frequently required in the CATV industry, the FPM-250 with HP (high power) option permits measurements of up to 25 dBm.

  • +5 to -75 dBm dynamic range (CATV model +25 to -55)
  • Large Area InGaAs detector for use with both single and multi mode fibers 
  • 4 digit LCD, 0.5 in. high, .01 dB resolution
  • Separate non-volatile storage for each wavelength 
  • Universal 2.5 mm Ferrule Adaptor accepts any 2.5 mm ferrule connector 
  • Greater than 200 hour battery life 
  • Auto-Off mode for battery conservation
  • Rugged carrying case