PM30-130 - Thorlabs Optical Power Meters

PM30-130 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications


High end wavelength limit
1100 nm

Measurement Units

Extra Specifications
Analog Display w/ Sensor S130A, 5nW-500mW 400-1100nm

Product Description

The PM30-130 series provides an ideal solution for making power measurements within a densely populated, fully assembled optical system.
It uses our S130 Series ultra-slim sensor, measuring only 0.75" x 0.2" at the photodiode location, that is designed for applications where space is critical and normal sensors are too large. Available with Si (PM30-130) or Ge (PM30-132)detectors, these detectors cover a wavelength range of 400-1800nm and power range of 5nW to 5mW. They are ideal for measurements on low-power CW laser beams. The built-in slidable ND filter extends the power range to a maximum of 500mW. The filter position is automatically detected by the console. Two sets of #8-32 and M4 threaded mounting holes allow mounting onto our standard post and
post holders.

  • Power Range: 5nW - 5mW (500nW - 500mW w/ND filter)
  • Wavelength Range: 400 - 1100nm (PM30-130) or 700 - 1800nm (PM30-132)
  • Large 9.5mm Aperture
  • Slim Measurement Head For Easy Measurements In Tight Spots
  • NIST Traceable Data Stored In Sensor Head
  • 8-32 and M4 Threads For Post Mounting