Q8341 - Advantest Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Q8341 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Form Factor

High end wavelength limit
1000 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications
Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Product Description

The Optical Spectrum Analyzer Q8341 (Advantest) uses a Michelson interferometer in a wavelength range of 350 to 1000 nm. The mechanical configuration of the interferometer allows a resolutions of 1 pm or 1 GHz in the frequency mode. This resolution as well as a measurement accuracy of 10 pm for interferometers of this size cannot be attained with monochromators, thus allowing accurate measurement of high-grade optical components. It also enables the fastest measurement speed in the world - 0.5 s. This highest resolution is particularly useful for the analysis of blue and blue-violet laser diodes, making the Q8341 an excellent choice for use in research on next-generation laser diodes and the increasingly smaller optical pick-ups. The use of the Fourier spectroscopy enables true measurement of the coherence length with a resolution of up to 1 µm. Q8341 allows a value of up to 40 mm to be analyzed. The evaluation itself is made automatically at a keystroke. In the spectral range a curve fitting function can be used. The built-in HeNe laser as the wavelength source allows a long-term calibrated wavelength performance. The OSA features a small size and only 15 kg weight.

  • Wavelength range 350 to 1000 nm
  • Max. resolution 0.01 nm
  • Measurement accuracy 0.01 nm
  • Fast sweep speed 0.5 s
  • Coherence measurement to 40 mm with 1 µm resolution