AQ6319 - Ando Optical Spectrum Analyzers

AQ6319 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Form Factor

High end wavelength limit
1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications
Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Product Description

With an unprecedented wavelength accuracy of ±10 pm (1520-1580 nm), the AQ6319 OSA has become an outstanding instrument in both general and specialized R&D labs for high accuracy wavelength measurement. Ando keeps the "free-space" design between the incident beam and the monochrometer; this proven technology which is inherited from the world-renowned AQ6317 series OSAs offers much greater facility for researchers using specialty fibers, especially with large core diameters. The new AQ6319 offers a much faster sweep speed than the previous models. It also features a LAN connection for faster and easier data transfer, as well as remote control capabilities. In addition, many new analysis functions have been included.