FTB-5240B - EXFO Optical Spectrum Analyzers

FTB-5240B Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Form Factor

High end wavelength limit
1650 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications
Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Product Description

Powerful DWDM Specifications: With excellent ORR, resolution bandwidth, wavelengthrange and dynamic range, the FTB-5240 OSA provides flexibility and power. With evenbetter ORR and high resolution, the FTB-5240B is ready for the next generation of ultradense WDM.Easy to Use: One-button operation. Automated functions are accessed through a simple,intuitive touchscreen interface. The graphical user interface provides easy access to menusand functions.Rugged Portability: Housed in a tough, lightweight magnesium shell and rubberbumperedFTB-400 UTS, EXFO s OSA will survive bumps and drops in the field or froma lab bench.Best-in-Class ORR Option: The new FTB-5240B option provides unmatched accuracy forOSNR measurements, thanks to the best ORR in the industry: up to 40 dBc at 0.1 nm,50 dBc at 0.2 nm and 55 dBc at 0.4 nm.** Internal Calibration: The new FTB-5240B has an internal reference light source thatmaintains wavelength uncertainty at 30 pm in the C+L band.External Calibration: Use an external source to recalibrate your OSA prior to test sessionsand achieve wavelength uncertainty as good as 15 pm in the C+L band.