IQ-5240 - EXFO Optical Spectrum Analyzers

IQ-5240 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Form Factor

High end wavelength limit
1650 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications
Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Product Description

Designed to increase the volume and speed of production, EXFO’s modular IQ-5240 Optical Spectrum Analyzer offers the best price-quality ratio on the market for WDM test applications. Compact and rugged, the IQ-5240 outclasses all other OSAs in the manufacturing environment. It tests systems and components quickly, efficiently and economically. The IQ-5240 is a double-pass Littman-Metcalf monochromator that provides premium filter resolution bandwidth (60 pm in C-band) with a steep, high-rejection shape. Many production managers and test engineers believe that wide-range, high-resolution power distribution measurements require a long scanning period. But with the IQ-5240 OSA, you can bypass that wait. The new OSA takes less than a second to sample and analyze 5000 data points over a 25 nm span with 5 pm data point resolution. Key Features Wavelength uncertainty: ± 50 pm Resolution bandwidth: 60 pm Range: +18 dBm down to -75 dBm Wavelength range: 1250 nm to 1650 nm