AQ6370 - Yokogawa Optical Spectrum Analyzers

AQ6370 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Form Factor

High end wavelength limit
1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Instrument Type

Extra Specifications

Product Description

The AQ6370 is a bench-top high performance optical spectrum analyzer covering the 600 to 1700 nm wavelength range. The AQ6370 inherits the excellent optical performance of the‹AQ6317B/C and the user friendliness and measurement throughput‹of the AQ6319. The USB interface adds strength‹to operability and data handling.‹‹

  • High wavelength resolution of 0.02 nm‹
  • Wide close-in dynamic range‹
  • Multimode fiber test capability (up to GI 62.5 Ķm)‹
  • Pulsed light measurement capability‹
  • Improves measurement throughput‹
  • Expedites development of automated test systems‹
  • Enhances user friendliness‹
  • Trace zoom capability
  • Facilitates frequent data handling‹
  • Includes wavelength calibration source
  • Supports GPIB, RS-232C, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Built-in simple macro programming function
  • Compatible with SCPI and supports AQ6317 series remote commands
  • Supports USB1.1 compatible large external storage devices
  • Built-in printer option