OFTM-5730 - Fluke Networks OTDR

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Technical Specifications

Wavelengths [nm]
1310, 1550

Max Pulse Width

Distance Range Max.

Extra Specifications
OptiFiber? Multimode Certifying OTDR

Product Description

As bandwidth increases to more than 10 Gb/s, the use of fiber optics in premise networks continues to grow- and so do the requirements for testing and certifying it. To ensure the performance of mission-critical fiber infrastructure, network owners are demanding a more complete picture of their fiber plant. And no solution provides a more complete picture than the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR.
OptiFiber integrates power/loss, fiber length measurement, OTDR analysis and fiber connector end-face imaging to provide a higher tier of fiber certification and diagnostics. The companion LinkWare PC software documents, reports and manages all test data. OptiFiber enables network owners of all experience levels to certify fiber to customer specifications and new industry standards, troubleshoot connection-rich links and thoroughly document results.

  • Test, troubleshoot and certify fiber with Auto OTDR analysis, ChannelMap™, loss length certification and 250X/400X fiber end-face inspection
  • Take the complexity out of testing and troubleshooting with an OTDR that every technician can use
  • Certify fiber to industry and customer requirements with a single tool
  • Increase productivity from day one with the most easy to use OTDR
  • Get the most complete picture of connection-rich fiber networks
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare reporting software
  • Visual fault locator