GAO3620 - GAO Tek OTDR

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Technical Specifications

Wavelengths [nm]
1310, 1550

Max Pulse Width

Distance Range Max.

Extra Specifications
Fiber Optic Instrument: Handheld OTDR

Product Description

The OTDR model GAO3620 is a handheld instrument that shows the length, attenuation coefficient, connection point, fault point, and loss distribution curves of the fiber, as well as loss between two points, splice loss, and return loss. Despite its multiple functions and features, the GAO3620 is small in size, easy to use, and is durable enough for outdoor operations. It is widely used in loss characteristics analysis and fault point searching for fiber manufacture, installation, and maintenance. The handheld OTDR is compatible with CATV, ISP, and Telecommunications Fiber Networks.

  • Portable design, convenient for outdoor testing
  • Simple operation menu, user-friendly
  • Supports two markers combined
  • Supports zooming in and out for curve details
  • Knob design for easy operation
  • Automatically searches fault points and creates a list
  • Increased memory for test data
  • Rapid response time - able to finish 50 km fiber measurement in 30 seconds with high S/N ratio
  • Large battery capacity, operating time is over 12 hours
  • Reliable and durable