PkPG-2016 - Acute Technology Pattern Generators

PkPG-2016 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Data Rate


Max. PRBS Pattern

Pattern Depth

Extra Specifications
Pocket Pattern Generator

Product Description

Not only can you use the PkPG-2000 for circuit emulation, IC testing, and ROM simulation, but also for protocol simulation, and IC programming.
Acute PkPG-2000 includes many popular data waveforms, such as “Direct Draw DATA waveform”, “TEXT file convert”, “Altera waveform convert”, “ and Acute LA waveform convert”.

  • Pocket size - no external power adapter required
  • USB interface - Plug & Play
  • 100MHz high-speed system clock (adjustable)
  • Up to 16-output channels (voltage adjustable)
  • Output-channel can be set as Hi-Impedance in real time
  • 2 external events and 1 keyboard event control output procedure 
  • PG-function LOOP, JUMP, WAIT command support
  • OS supports Win98/ME/2000/XP