DSG04 - CL System PC Modular Oscilloscopes

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PC based Oscilloscope

Product Description

DSG04 (Digital Scope Generator Version 04), the latest in the range of multifunction PC digital instruments, features a comprehensive list of test functions within a compact size.

Five channels in total, consisting of two channels 12-bit 20Msps analogue capture, two channels 1-bit 20Msps digital capture, a single channel 12-bit programmable signal generator and a multifunction digital pulse and frequency counter.

In an almost pocketable, compact size of just 120mm X 65mm X 40mm (excluding connectors), engineers can now carry with them a host of measurement functions.

Ideal for capturing once-occurring events, the DSG04 samples at up to 20 Msps (millions samples per seconds) with a buffer size of 65,536 12-bit data points. It will generate sine, square and triangular signals in normal and sweep formats. The signal generator is programmable to generate any waveform and supports data input from Microsoft Excel.

With both Scope and Signal Generator functions, the DSG04 becomes a versatile component tester. The built-in digital frequency counter measures to 100,000,000 Hz (100MHz) with 1 Hz resolution and the counter counts to over 9 digits. Digital pulse width measurements between 1 microsecond to 1000 seconds. Plugs straight into a PC printer port or USB port via (optional USB cable), DSG04 transforms a PC or notebook into a versatile measuring station.