DSO-8502 - Link Instruments PC Modular Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Max. Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
USB 2.0 PC Based Oscilloscope

Product Description

The DSO-8502 is our newest series of USB 2.0 PC Based Oscilloscope. The DSO-8502 Oscilloscope operates at up to 500 MSa/s. Other features include a Spectrum Analyzer (FFT), Pulse width and count triggering, Channel History buffers, Pass/Fail testing and many measurements.

  • High speed sampling: 500MSa/S single shot sample rate on 1 channel., 250MSa/S single shot sample rate on 2 channels
  • Large data buffer: 1 Million samples per channel in single channel mode( 500MSa/S), 512K samples per channel in 2 channel mode( 250MSa/S and below)
  • USB 2.0 communications: The DSO-8500 line of Windows Oscilloscopes communicate via high speed USB 2.0
  • History plots: Data from previous captures is stored in memory and can be used to compare to current data
  • Advanced Triggering
  • Auto-setup Of Capture & Channel Parameters
  • 250 MHz Spectrum Analyzer/FFT
  • XY Plot
  • Customized Displays
  • Fast, Accurate Measurements
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Operation
  • Automatic Data Storage: With data save/load & data export capabilities
  • Battery Power
  • FrontPanelTM Oscilloscope software supports Windows
  • Print Support
  • Optional DLL and LavView Libraries