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PCI-431 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Max. Sample Rate

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PC based Oscilloscope

Product Description

This product line consists of the PCI-421, PCI-422, PCI-423, and PCI-425 Single Channel Digital Oscilloscopes and the PCI-431, PCI-432, PCI-433, and PCI-435 Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscopes.

Each oscilloscope in this product line has the capability to capture transient waveforms and also has an Equivalent Time Sampling (ETS) circuit that extends the equivalent sampling rate to 200 Gigasamples/second (GSPS) when acquiring repetitive signals. This extraordinary 5 picosecond equivalent sampling is unmatched by any card-based oscilloscope in the world and in most cases outperforms the sample rates found on box-based oscilloscopes costing 5 to 10 times more money.

Each oscilloscope in this product line fits into the ISA expansion slot of a PC, and features seven vertical voltage ranges, AC/DC coupling, offset control, and timebases from 500 ps/div up to 200 ms/div. Bandwidths for the product line range from 100 MHz to 300 MHz