ADC-216 - Pico Technology PC Modular Oscilloscopes

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PC-based oscilloscope

Product Description

The Pico range of high speed oscilloscopes (incl. ADC-216 )are high specification dual channel oscilloscopes, which are an ideal replacement for the traditional benchtop oscilloscope. All the usual oscilloscope features are there, plus many new functions made possible by the PC connection and advanced software.

Deep memory buffers, and advanced trigger modes allow the capture of large amounts of complex data at high speeds. Whilst the PicoScope 2202 and PicoScope 3000 oscilloscope series have the added benefits of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity.

The ADC-212 and ADC-216 are high resolution, high precision dual channel oscilloscopes.

Unlike the traditional DSO (digital storage oscilloscope) that typically has 8 bit resolution and poor DC accuracy, these units are accurate to 1% and have either 12 or 16 bit resolution. This makes them ideal for audio, noise and vibration measurements. The high dynamic range of the spectrum analyzer also makes these high resolution oscilloscopes ideal tools for tracking down noise in sensitive analog circuits.

  • Channels  2  + external trigger
  • Bandwidth 166 KHz
  • Sampling rate 333 kS/s
  • Resolution  16 bits
  • Buffer memory 32 KB
  • Dynamic range 96 dB
  • PC connection - parallel