ZT4211 - ZTEC Instruments PC Modular Oscilloscopes

ZT4211 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Max. Sample Rate

Extra Specifications
1 GS/s Oscilloscopes in PCI, PXI, VXI, & LXI

Product Description

  • M-Class
  • Bandwidth & fast sampling for a variety of applications
    • 300 MHz typical analog bandwidth, 250 MHz minimum
    • Real-time sampling up to 1 GS/s interleaved or 500 MS/s non-interleaved
    • Equivalent and interpolated sampling up to 100 GS/s 
  • On-board memory with up to 256M sample record length (128M samples/channel)
    • Continuous memory mode for deep waveform capture
    • Segmented memory mode for analysis of repetitive signals and statistical analysis 
  • Direct inputs of +/- 300 Vpeak (CAT II)
  • Input ranges from 1.25 mV/div to 40 V/div (10 vertical divisions)
  • On-board calculation of over 40 waveform parameters related to voltage, time, and frequency (FFT)
  • Four calculation channels for waveform math, digital filtering, FFT, and more
  • Four non-volatile reference channels for storing and comparing waveforms
  • Store and recall instrument settings files from on-board non-volatile memory
  • Multiple acquisition modes including averaging, high-resolution, peak detect, and envelope
  • Advanced measurement modes include limit and mask testing, histograms, and gated measurements
  • Pattern, glitch, pulse width, video, and dual-event cascading trigger capability
  • High-speed data transfer rates up to full bus bandwidth specifications
  • Timing and triggering capabilities support multiple board synchronization
  • ZScope M-Class interactive software
  • Drivers and support for C, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, COM, Visual Studio, MATLAB
  • Instrument drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux 2.6.x