305C - Dranetz BMI Phase Meters

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit



Extra Specifications
Phasemeter mainframe

Product Description

Model 305C Phasemeter Mainframe features a frequency range of 2Hz to 11MHz (plug-in dependent, not included), digital readouts and outputs, 1 Mohm input impedance, and high overvoltage capabilities.
Highest Accuracy
"No-hands" Operation
Wide Frequency Range
Insensitivity to Input Level
Non-Ambiguous Angle Readings
Repeatability, Stability, Autocalibration
Programmable Operation
Rapid Phase Nulling
Digital Readout
Noise Immunity
Ability to Reduce Harmonics
• Option 107 = Automatic Calibration checks and automatically readjusts digital readout and BCD output circuits and at 0º and 360º to reduce readout errors to ±0.01º.