SD1000 - Powertek Phase Meters

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit



Extra Specifications
Phase Meter

Product Description

The SD1000 phase meter offers superb accuracy with a wide range of signal conditions. Conventional phase meters are easily upset when small levels of noise and distortion are present - the result is often unstable and incorrect phase readings. The SD1000 overcomes this by using Discrete Fourier Analysis (DFT), this process rejects any noise and distortion without the need for tracking filters.

  • 0.02º phase accuracy and 0.001º resolution
  • Fully isolated inputs
  • 700 kHz frequency range
  • Accurate with noisy, distorted and non-sinusoidal signals
  • Fully autoranging and easy to use
  • Voltage or current inputs
  • High common-mode noise rejection
  • 500 Vpk input voltage capability
  • 1mV sensitivity
  • 10000:1 input ratios
  • IEEE-488, RS232 and printer interfaces
  • Traceable to international standards