PSMR1 - UEi Phase Meters

PSMR1 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

High end frequency limit



Extra Specifications
Phase Sequence Motor Rotation Tester

Product Description

The PSMR1 combines two meters with three functions. It includes a 3-phase sequence indicator with a motor rotation tester. Prevent damage to equipment by using the PSMR1 to check supply line phase orientation for devices such as scroll compressors or motors prior to installation. Bright indicators will alert you to open phases, and indicate the sequence of the connected lines. The motor rotation indicator will provide information about the direction the motor will turn based on the communications made to the three phase supply.

  • Three functions in one unit:
    • Open phase indication
    • Phase rotation indication
    • Motor rotation indication
  • Identifies 3-phase sequence
  • Checks for open phases
  • Battery operated 
  • Three year limited warranty