ML4803A - Anritsu Power Meters RF

ML4803A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Freq. Range High


For high level: MA4701A, MA4703A, MA4705A, MA4601A, MA4603A.For low level: MA4702A, MA4704A, MA4602A, MA4604A, MP737A, MP738A, MP712A[ ] , MP713A[ ] (used with MA4002A Adapter)

Extra Specifications
Power meter

Product Description

The Anritsu ML4803A consists of an indicator, which displays the detected electric signals as the power, and power sensors, which detect power and convert it to electric signals. Several types of power sensors are provided for accurately measuring power in a frequency range of 100 kHz to 90 GHz. The ML4803A has various functions to meet all power measurement requirements, from low frequency to super-high frequency such as the millimeter waveband.

  • The ML4803A can measure absolute values in units of “W” or “dBm”
    in addition to relative values in units of dB or %
  • Automatic sensor sensitivity correction
  • Excellent operability and efficient measurement with memory
  • The ML4803A can be operated on AC, DC, or batteries
  • Super-wide coaxial-type amorphous sensors
  • Diode sensor suitable for low-level and wide-band measurements
  • Quasi-millimeter and millimeter waves can also be measured.