4300 - Boonton Power Meters RF

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Technical Specifications

Freq. Range High


51075, 077, 079;071, 072;51100, 101, 102;51200, 201, 300, 301, 51085, 086, 087, 51011, 012, 013, 015, 033

Extra Specifications
Six Channel RF Power Meter

Product Description

The high-speed Boonton 4300 is the world only power meter capable of making up to six power measurements simultaneously. It has a dynamic range of -70 dBm to +44 dBm (sensor dependant) over a frequency range of 10kHz to 100 GHz. Diode and thermocouple sensors with up to 90 dB of dynamic range are available. 

  • Channel math between all six channels 
  • Up to 30 readings per second over the GPIB for a single channel and up to 100 readings per second for a six-channel meter 
  • Duty cycle entry for pulse power measurements 
  • Programmable 30 MHz calibrator option significantly improves measurement accuracy