6630 - Chroma Power Recorders

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Scope, Meter

Scope, Meter

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Power Analyzer

Product Description

Chroma 6630 Power Analyzer is a modular instrument that is equipped with DSP type measurement module. Each measurement module contains Processor, Memory (ROM, RAM, Flash ROM), and two channels 18 bits A/D converter. As the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) technology is implemented in the software with 32-bit floating point mathematical algorithms, it can measure instru-ments related power at high- speed and analyze the measurement parameters (value) accurately. The instrument is also a combination of all standard instruments generally used for power measurements. It provides Voltage (U), Current (I), Active Power (P), Reactive Power (Q), Apparent Power (S), Active Energy (W), Reactive Energy (Wr), Apparent Energy (Wa), Frequency (f), Crest Factor (CF), Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle (∮ ). Chroma 6630 Power Analyzer is a flexible and unique multipurpose instrument designed for using stand-alone and integrated. Harmonics, Flicker, Multimeter, Recording, and Waveform are the five major function modules that can work stand-alone, or be integrated into an ATE envi-ronment to facilitate the system for testing and analysis. Future revisions of the supported standards are able to implement by software updates. The built in floppy disk drive gives users a convenient way to save the test para-meters and results.

  • Test Voltage and Current Harmonics in compliance with IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-2 A14
  • Test Flicker (voltage fluctuations) in compliance with IEC61000-3-3
  • Advanced DFT and DSP technology
  • Multi-Processor system configuration
  • Modular instrument with three measurement modules in DSP type
  • 5 test functions with Harmonics, Flickers, Multimeter, Recording, Waveform for multipurpose test application requirements
  • Harmonic analysis and bar-graph/table display results up to the 40th harmonic
  • 2-channel 18-bit A/D converter in each measurement module
  • Simultaneous presentation of voltage and current curves. (1~16 periods)
  • Preprogrammed functions against standardized limits
  • Wide input range on voltage (6V to 2000Vpk) and current (0.1A to 300Apk)
  • 3 1/2" floppy driver for software updates and result storage