61000 - Dranetz BMI Power Recorders

61000 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type
Fixed System

Input Channels
4 configs: 4 ch voltage, 4 ch current, 4 ch transducer, 8 ch digital

Operation Modes
power quality monitor, data acquisition, event logger

power quality monitor, data acquisition, event logger

Extra Specifications
Permanent monitoring system

Product Description

True to its three decade legacy as the industry leader in power quality analysis, Dranetz-BMI proudly introduces Encore Series™, the next generation of permanent monitoring system for power quality, energy and demand, and process monitoring.

The configurable design of the Encore Series allows users to specify the right instrument configuration for their specific application. All this flexibility in one instrument, combined with the multi-user web interface of the Signature System and the local color touch screen display (optional) of the PX5 family of portable Dranetz-BMI products, truly make the Encore Series the right product for your application.
Encore Series is the first truly modular and configurable instrument to shatter the traditional 8-channel (4 voltage/4 current) instrument format. Now you can have your choice of voltage, current and data acquisition modules to build from one to four instruments in a single compact, cost-effective format:

  • 4 channel voltage input module (V)
  • 4 channel current input module (I)
  • 4 channel (voltage or current) transducer input module (T)
  • 8 channel digital input or 4 channel digital output module (D)