MicroVIP3Plus - Elcontrol Energy Net Power Recorders

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type

Input Channels
3 voltage, 3 current

Operation Modes
Meter, Printer

Meter, Printer

Extra Specifications
Portable recording energy and harmonics analyzer

Product Description

The MICROVIP3 PLUS is a low cost, class 1 (IEC1036) high technology portable analyzer for both single-phase and three-phase systems, manufactured by ELCONTROL ENERGY and supplied complete with three 1000A clip-on CTs, voltage leads and all accessories in a strong carry case.

The MICROVIP3 PLUS is capable of performing 189 true effective value measurements on an unbalanced three-phase system starting from three voltage and three current measurements: 33 parameters are displayed on its crisp high-contrast back-lit LCD, 156 only on its built-in printer.

The instrument comes complete with a printer for manually controlled or automatic timed printout of all measurements, as well as a calendar/clock for the display and printout of time and date.

A non-volatile flash 1 MB on-board memory provides data storage over extended survey periods including waveform capture for current and voltage.

The MICROVIP3 PLUS is fitted with an RS232 port for connection to a Personal Computer for remote data control and fast download via high-speed serial link.

The instrument has been designed for portable, mobile use in industrial environments.