VIPSystem3 - Elcontrol Energy Net Power Recorders

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type

Input Channels
3 voltage + neutral, 3 current, auxiliary

Operation Modes


Extra Specifications
Energy and harmonics analyzer with memory

Product Description

The VIP SYSTEM3 is a lightweight portable power analyzer, with integrated printer. The Vip System3 can perform measurements on three-phase systems and calculate equivalent three-phase measures. It measures and prints voltages, currents, powers, cosj, and waveform distortions. Vip System3 measures total energy consumptions and tariff-band consumptions. The on-board printer can display the measurement trends and alarm events graphically.
The Vip System3 can be expanded using memory modules (MEMORY PACK), allowing the storage of all measurement data. MEMORY PACKS can be programmed for automatic measurements. BLACK BOX expansion modules add functionality, such as harmonic analysis, leakage current measurement, and temperature measurement.