101A - Infratek Power Recorders

101A Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type

Input Channels

Operation Modes
meter, waveforms, bar graphs

meter, waveforms, bar graphs

Extra Specifications
Single- and 3-Phase Power/Energy Analyzer

Product Description

The 101A is suitable for measurements on electronically switched loads. Because of its DC-coupling capability correct rms- and power values result at all times. Take the case of line voltage multiplied by half wave rectified current. AC-coupling yields wrong rms current and power, DC-coupling yields correct values. The 101A is simple to use. In the side menu you select current and voltage ranges (automatic or manual), synchronization, measurement time, special function Peak-Hold, and display modes L1, L2, L3, SUM, and ALL (3-phase display).
In the display number fields you can place any measured quantity from the measurement function selection table including harmonics of current and voltage. In the graphics field waveforms and bar graphs of current and voltage can be displayed. A load connection box is available, which connects your single- or three-phase load to the power analyzer and to the wall power outlet. Optional RS-232 interface with Windows Operating Software and battery back up for 6 hours autonomous operation is available. It prevents data loss, such as energy data, during power failure.

  • Very low cost
  • Unmatched price-performance
  • Accuracy 0.15 %
  • Connection box for easy hook-up for commercial loads
  • 600mA-60A, 30V-1000V, DC-50kHz
  • Measures RMS, maximum, power, energy, time, PF, and harmonics
  • Single and three phase
  • Accepts 100A start-up current
  • Measure all values simultaneously
  • Displays 6 or 40 values