6510e - Magtrol Power Recorders

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single phase

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Extra Specifications
High Speed Power Analyzer

Product Description

The Magtrol 6510e Single-Phase and 6530 Three-Phase Power Analyzers are easy-to-use instruments ideal for numerous power measurement applications. From DC to 100 kHz AC, the 6510e and 6530 measure volts, amps, watts, volt-amps, frequency, crest factor, Vpeak, Apeak and power factor in one convenient display. They may be used either as stand-alone instruments or in conjunction with any Magtrol Hysteresis, Eddy-Current or Powder Brake Dynamometer; any Magtrol Dynamometer Controller and M-TEST 4.0 Software for more demanding motor test applications. Features Single/Three-Phase Capabilities: Equipped to handle single (6510e) or three-phase (6530) power measurements Ranges: Up to 600 Vrms @ 20 A continuous duty Interfaces: RS-232 & IEEE-488 Interfaces Data Transfer Rates: Up to 100 per second Accuracy: Up to 0.1% Vacuum Fluorescent Display: High-quality, easy-to-read, customizable readout displays volts, amps, power and power factor Measurement: Continuous or cycle-by-cycle Bandwidth: DC up to 100 kHz Input Power: Accepts 120/240 Vrms, 60/50 Hz power at 20 VA max Auto Ranging: Automatically scales instrument for most accurate range