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2410-1HS Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type

Input Channels

Operation Modes
Scope, Recorder

Scope, Recorder

Extra Specifications
Power Analyzer ,Single Phase Power Analyzer,w/Harmonics & Scope 0.1% accuracy

Product Description

The Valhalla state of the art 2400 Series Power Analyzers offer high performance in both single and three phase. Unlike other instruments at this price level the 2400 is designed to operate with extreme signals generated on frequency inverter drivers. These analyzers provide precise reliable measurements for any waveform. Large clear monitor lets you read displayed values from a distance of four meters.
Checking power to determine the pertinent power parameters of a frequency inverter driven system is simple. All values display large letters easily read even in dark rooms. The user menu makes operation easy.
The new 2400 power analyzer measures, computes, and displays all of your critical power variable to let you concentrate on more efficient reliable testing. It is available in single or three phase versions and combines a wattmeter, oscilloscope, and a power spectrum analyzer in a single compact package. From the simultaneous and precise voltage and current measurements, you can measure and monitor all of the power parameters you need. You can display them in the format that fits your application.

  • The analyzer inputs are all galvanically isolated
  • Broad band DC-300kHz
  • Wide input range (0.3V - 1000V, 15mA - 40A)
  • Exceptional common mode rejection for use in frequency inverter driven systems
  • The accuracy is 0.1% (0.05% versions are available)
  • The bright LCD monitor displays up to 10 measured values in well legible 9mm high numbers
  • The Three-Phase Power Analyzer puts up to 32 measured values on the screen
  • You have the choice to visualize wave forms, bar graphs or trend plots. A unique feature of these instruments allows a combination of meter mode and graphic mode