PM6000 - Voltech Power Recorders

PM6000 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Instrument Type

Input Channels
Up to 6

Operation Modes
Meter, Analyzer

Meter, Analyzer

Extra Specifications
Power Analyzer

Product Description

Versatile, accurate, fully-featured and yet easy-to-use, the PM6000 provides definitive measurements of all electrical power quantities on all products that consume, convert, or generate electrical power.
The Voltech PM6000 combines years of power measurement know-how with the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a unique combination of measurement and reporting features that will solve power measurement problems.

Each measurement channel is a fully floating wattmeter with superb accuracy, bandwidth and rejection of common mode signals (CMRR). Up to 6 channels may be fitted into a PM6000 chassis which has an embedded PC running the Linux operating system for trouble-free operation.
The bright VGA display provides numeric and graphic measurements and shows the intuitive measurement menu. Connectivity includes RS232, printer and Ethernet (future software upgrade).