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66000 Series - 150W Modules Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

Extra Specifications
150W, DC System Power Supplies, GPIB, Modular Outputs

Product Description

‹The‹66000 Series includes the following modular outputs:

  • 66101A‹-‹66106A (List price shown is for these modules.)
  • 66101A-J03
  • 66101A-J05
  • 66103A-J12
  • 66103A-J09
  • 66103A-J01
  • 66103A-J02
  • 66104A-J09
  • 66105A-J01

Meet changing requirements in ATE and production test with up to eight easily swappable modules per mainframe. The modular design conserves rack space and simplifies system cabling and assembly.

  • Modular system permits up to 8 outputs of 150 W per output in 4 U of rack space
  • Simplify reconfiguration, calibration, or repair with modules that remove from the front without disconnecting DUT wiring
  • GPIB interface with SCPI command set, drivers available
  • Serial link system enables control of multiple power supplies from one GPIB address
  • Simplify system cabling when isolation or reverse voltage is needed using optional built-in open/close/polarity reversal relays
  • Advanced hardware and software triggering system to allow synchronization to other events in your ATE system
  • Simplify cabling with built-in measurements
  • Streamline tasks with optional keyboard for manual control and advanced programmable features including automated sequencing of up to 20 output setting steps
  • Ensure DUT safety with protection features