Quint-PS-3x400 - Phoenix Contact Power Supplies DC

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Three Phase Power Supplies

Product Description

The Three Phase Quint-PS-3x400 power supplies include the following models:

  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/24DC/40
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/24DC/5
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/24DC/10
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/24DC/30
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/48DC/10
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/48DC/20
  • QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/24DC/20

With the second generation of QUINT POWER Supplies, Phoenix Contact raises the standard for versatility, functionality and dependability. Our compact DIN-rail mounted power supplies save space while offering even wider input range - from 85-264 V AC for single-phase, and 320-575 V AC for three-phase devices - and voltage outputs of 12, 24 and 48 V.

Note: Image shown is QUINT-PS-3x400-500AC/48DC/10

  • POWER BOOST - provides up to 50% power reserve for heavy inductive loads
  • Power failure bridging and permanent phase loss protection
  • High vibration resistance and humidity tolerance
  • 500,000+ hours Mean Time Between Failure rating
  • Triple-mode function monitoring
  • Worldwide approvals: UL 508, CE, SEMI- F47 Sag Immunity, ABS, GS, ATEX available