L Series - 90-375 Watt - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

L Series - 90-375 Watt Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

Extra Specifications
Benchtop Linear Power Supplies

Product Description

The L Series is a family of linear DC power supplies designed for benchtop and portable applications. The family comprises fourteen models; outputs range from 0-8V to 0-300V at power levels from 90W to 375W.

  • LH 8-30
  • LM 18-10
  • LS 18-5
  • LT 18-5
  • LH 18-20
  • LS 30-3
  • LT 30-3
  • LM 30-6
  • LH 35-10
  • LM 60-3
  • LH 60-6
  • LH 75-5
  • LH 110-3
  • LH 300-1

The supplies may be used as either voltage sources or current sources. Features such as isolated outputs, series/parallel operation, and tracking operation provide the flexibility for a variety of applications.

  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation - The power supplies may be operated as either precisely regulated voltage sources or current sources. Crossover between modes is automatic, dependent only on load demand. Front panel LEDs indicate operating mode
  • Series/Parallel Operation - Multiple power supplies may be connected in series to extend the output voltage range. The LS and LT Series have the capability to operate outputs in parallel for increased current range
  • 3_ Digit LED - LED displays are provided for each adjustable output.The LM and LH Series have two separate displays, one each for voltage and current. The LS and LT Series display is switch-selectable between voltage and current
  • Universal AC Input - The AC input is externally switch-selectable for 100V/120V/220V/ 240V at 50/60 Hz