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PL330P Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

Extra Specifications
Bus programmable precision dc power supply 32V/3A

Product Description

The Thurlby Thandar PL-P series offers a high performance fully programmable power supply system at low cost.
Based around the 32V-3A versions of the standard PL series, the PL-P models include single, dual and triple output units suitable for bench or rack mounting.
When not connected to the bus, these PSUs can be operated exactly as a standard PL series PSU.

Each output is fully floating and is opto-isolated from the bus interfaces.
Outputs can be linked in series or parallel to produce higher voltages or higher currents as required.

PL-P series supplies use simple and consistent command structures which make programming particularly easy regardless of which interface is used.
A National Instruments LabWindows* device driver is available as an option. LabWindows is a trademark of National Instruments Corporation.

ARC stands for “Addressable RS-232 Chain” and is a low-cost system for linking instruments together so that they can be controlled and monitored by a personal computer.
The ARC interface is an extension of the industry standard RS-232 interface and is exclusive to Thurlby-Thandar instruments. It differs from conventional RS-232 in that it allows multiple instruments (up to 32) to be controlled using the normal RS-232 or RS-422/423 port of a PC.
ARC provides a low-cost alternative to GPIB which utilises lower cost instruments, inexpensive cables, and can be controlled by any personal computer without the need for a special interface card or special software

  • 32V-3A single, dual & triple
  • Specifications as per PL bench series
  • RS-232 and GPIB interfaces as standard
  • GPIB interface conforms to IEEE-488.2
  • Settable voltage and current levels
  • 10mV and 1mA programmable resolution
  • Readback of voltage and current via the bus