TSX1820 - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Power Supplies DC

TSX1820 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

Extra Specifications
Single Output DC bench power supply 18V/20A

Product Description

The Thurlby-Thandar TSX series represents the state of the art in high output PSU design.
A wide range of voltage-current output combinations will become available with power levels of 360 Watts and more.
Each output combination is available in two versions: with conventional analogue controls (TSX) and with programmable controls (TSX-P).

The standard TSX versions of the series incorporate conventional analogue controls for precision with simplicity.
Large diameter knobs and large paddle switches combine with the big bright displays to provide simple and unambiguous control.
Coarse and fine voltage controls offer fast setting with high setting resolution at all levels while a semi-logarithmic current control provides resolution commensurate with the current level.
These PSUs are ideally suited to general purpose applications in many technology areas.

The heart of all TSX series PSUs is an innovative regulator design which combines switch mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation.
The pre-regulator uses specially developed techniques to dramatically reduce the capacitance between input and output thus eliminating the high levels of common-mode noise normally associated with switch mode PSUs.
The linear post-regulator combines very low levels of output noise with excellent load regulation and transient response. The result is performance comparable with a pure linear design.

All TSX series PSUs can operate in both constant voltage and constant current modes with automatic crossover and automatic mode indication.

All versions incorporate high resolution digital meters for both voltage and current.
V and I levels can be set to high accuracy prior to connection to the load and the limit settings can be checked at any time.
A damping switch for the current meter enables the average value of rapidly changing currents to be read.

  • High power 35V/10A & 18V/20A
  • Compact & lightweight high power units
  • 35V-10A and 18V-20A models (single output)
  • Bench or rack mounting, front & rear terminals
  • Very low noise, excellent transient response
  • Comprehensive protection including OVP trip
  • High setting resolution, remote sense terminals