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Pocket sized USB Pulse Generator

Product Description

USBpulse100 is a new concept in USB Digital Pulse/Clock Generator products. PC based pulse generators deliver many user benefits including flexibility, ease of use and economy. They are an invaluable tool during design and debug of digital circuits and can be used to quickly test the behaviour of a circuit under different input frequency and duty cycle conditions.

The USB interface has developed into probably the best and most widely implemented PC peripheral connection method and is a natural choice for the Pulse Generator.

USBpulse100 combines very small form factor with high performance normally associated with much larger bench type products. Power for the Pulse Generator is provided via the USB interface connector, further simplifying the user experience. The output is galvanically isolated from the USB bus / PC ground meaning that pulse / clock signals can be injected differentially from the USBpulse100 into the circuit under test.

USBpulse100 is small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket or laptop bag but uses a standard BNC connector.

  • USB Interface
  • Comes with Windows USBpulse100 software for 98SE/2K/XP 
  • Square wave 50% duty output or variable duty cycle using combination of PLL and 28-bit programmable divider 
  • 11.6mHz to 100MHz frequency range 
  • 128 bit pseudo random bit stream generator mode clocked from programmable source 
  • Output drive level programmable in 256 steps from 1.5V to 5.0V which supports most popular logic interface standards 
  • 3ns rise and fall times typical 
  • 50 Ohm series output impedance typical 
  • Output can be tri-stated and inverted 
  • Continuous run or single shot capability with pulse widths from 10ns to over 80s, clock bursts from 1 pulse to millions of pulses or pseudo random bursts from one bit to millions of bits 
  • Output is galvanically isolated from USB port to 300V Cat II 
  • Up to 4 units can be snapped together. The outputs can be synchronised and phase shifted 
  • Can be snapped together with a USBscope50 to form part of a suite of instruments 
  • Body is approx. 75mm x 31mm x 17.5mm