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Ultravariable Pulse Generator

Product Description

The Model 4001 Ultravariable Pulse Generator is uniquely designed to permit precise tailoring of pulse repetition rates and duty cycles over a wide range through the independent setting of pulse width and pulse spacing. Both pulse width and pulse spacing are continuously variable over seven decade ranges from 100ns to 1s, with outputs from 0.5Hz to 5MHz. Its uncomplicated, rugged design and high quality components help ensure long and dependable service.

Features include two simultaneous independent outputs (TTL and variable) with rise and fall times less than 30nsec, 20nsec TTL compatible leading-edge sinc pulse output, and independent pulse width and pulse spacing controls (both selectable from 100nsec to 1sec). Four front panel push-button selectable operating modes with one-shot push-button can be used to produce pulse train or enable a single output pulse. Pulse duration is determined by width control. All these features plus an uncomplicated front panel layout all add up to an effective solution to a wide range of pulse source problems.

  • Independent settings of pulse width & spacing
  • Outputs from 0.5 Hz to 5 MHz
  • Four modes: run, triggered, gated, one-shot
  • Symmetrical square wave outputs
  • Complement output - inverts waveforms
  • Variable output for CMOS circuits